On the Road Again

by u235craig | February 6th, 2011

I was on the road to good health again when I hit a pot hole. Somehow I got a detached retina and torn macular. I had to have a 5 hour eye surgery last month. It was followed by a week of torture in a 24/7 contraption that made me sit at a table with my face down nonstop for a week. My eye still isn’t healed but it is getting better. I will lose some sight as I didn’t react fast enough to the injury.

The good news is I am exercising, eating better and losing weight. I have had to slow down the physical activity during recovery. The best part is I have lost close to 50 pounds. As I feel better, I hope to do more writing.

A really good thing that happened to me was my friend Colin at NEUROWATER is supplying me with this wonderful nutritonal aid. If I make my weight goals, I may become the Jared of Neurowater.

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