The Safety Patrol Boy Picnic

by u235craig | September 27th, 2013

Being a Safety Patrol Boy at School was kind of cool. You got badge and a white belt. You got to stop traffic. It was one of the few “system” things I did in school. The bad parts were , you had to be out in all kinds of weather, it took out at least half of your lunch period and most drivers paid very little attention to you.
The nice thing was, you would get perks. They would have a movie showing at 10 am at the Blue Mouse downtown. Free popcorn and a pop. Best of all was the Safety Patrol Boys Picnic.
On a Saturday after school was out, we would get a bus ticket so we could go to Point Defiance Park and a lunch ticket at Funland, the amusement park next door. There also was a softball game at the field by Job Carr’s Cabin and the Aquarium.
My buddy Terry Snyder and I left early and decided to go to the softball game. Two kids from each school could play. Two kids from every elementary school in Tacoma is how many kids?
Anyway, it was a huge amount of kids in a fun time that was something you wouldn’t see today. After several innings it was my turn to bat. It was perfect. I saw the pitch. Swung just right. Whacked the ball out of the field, across the road and into the parking area beyond. It was really a great moment. A towering homerun. As I rounded third and headed for home my buddy Terry yelled ” Show off!”. He got the cut off throw and just as I touched home, he beaned the back of my head with the not so softball.
I was out cold for about five minutes. The ball game was called.
They gave me the bat for having the best hit of the game someone stole it. No calling your mom or taking you to the ER. Just cold wash cloths and shake it off. “Be Tough”. I got a couple extra lunch tickets also. In case I needed some extra pop.
I wanted to go home. Terry said not to be a baby and have some fun. I was from South Tacoma, “Rub some Dirt on it and get Back out There” is what we where taught.
I had a grape snow cone and a hot dog. Felt a little better. I was the talk of the party, the kid that hit the ball a mile then got knocked out by his buddy. It was a cool day. Met lots of kids, felt kind of cool. I should have kicked Terry’s butt. He was my friend and you didn’t do that.
I was never that great on some rides like the Octopus. Those kind of spinning rides where tough on me. On a day I had had a concussion it was not a good idea. I got talked into it. about half way through the ride I got motion sickness. Projectile vomiting over a large number of Patrol Boys waiting in line on the day of the free picnic. Made me feel like a jerk.
I went home on my own after that.

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